Dutch independent lab for ballast water management systems

Ships make use of ballast water to ensure stability, controllability and safety. This water is pumped into and stored in specialized tanks in the ship, bringing along any organism present in the water. Hence huge quantities of water are spread throughout the globe, and related organisms with it.

As a consequence, organisms are introduced to ecosystems that they do not belong to and can severely disrupt the dynamics of such ecosystems. Internationally, legislation is already in place to ensure the quality of ballast water, in order to prevent unwanted introduction of organisms in ecosystems.

To adapt to the rising need of monitoring and managing ballast water, MUST cooperates with Control Union, GoConsult and Dr. Matej David Consult to develop Dutch test labs that are able to process high quantities of ballast water. Recently, this Control Union Certifications (CUC) Consortium has been accepted as the fourth Independent Laboratory world-wide as defined by the United States Coast Guard, (USCG) to test and certify Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS). This status will enable CUC to carry out BWMS tests for USCG Type Approval according to 46 CFR 162.060.

CUC Independent Laboratory combines experience inspecting offshore equipment and quality management with more than 10 years of ballast water management system testing of its sub-labs. CUC Independent Laboratory can now offer a superior testing service to vendors seeking USCG Type Approval for their ballast water management systems. The demand for approved systems is high because US legislation regarding ballast water discharge is already in place and the availability of Independent Labs is limited. Thus far, no ballast water management system certificates have been issued by the USCG.