TO2 Food security: seaweed

World-wide, the growing demand for food, energy and materials puts an increasing pressure on our ever-declining supply of scarce natural resources on land. Going offshore is therefore a logical alternative. Seaweed offers a potentially large and sustainable source of carbon in a bio-based economy.

Developing offshore seaweed cultivation requires development over the whole production chain, from offshore engineering of installations, optimizing productivity, extracting intermediate products and developing final products. This requires a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure both a sustainable setup as well as a profitable business case.

The Dutch TO2 institutes lifted the seaweed-initiative to a large scale. Due to close cooperation different parts of the total seaweed chain are investigated. During and after this project, private parties have committed in investing more in further research, and therefore committing to a more sustainable society. A follow up of this project is the National Research Coalition Seaweed.